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Phone: (847) 359-4444

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Thurs: 12pm - 7pm
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Band Rentals

We offer two different rental programs – a Thrifty Plan and a Rent-to-Own plan.  We offer these rentals through our sales subsidiary, Horn Stash. You can find out more information about plan details, prices, and price at this link:

When you know which plan you want, you can call (847) 359-4444 to reserve your rental instrument today with your first month’s payment over the phone!

Rental Plan basics:

Thrifty Plan

At Fix This! Musical Instrument Repair, we understand the importance of quality. We also understand full well the budget constraints of today’s families during tough economic times. Because of this, and because of our ability to refurbish instruments to their highest caliber, we offer a Thrifty Plan for our student-line instrument rentals.

We offer high quality, name brand instruments that have been previously owned and thoroughly refurbished. We offer these rentals for a very reasonable monthly rent to get your student started in a music program without over-stretching your family budget.

We offer these instruments with flexible terms. There is no minimum time commitment required – you may cancel at any time.

Thrifty Rental rates:

    • Flute – $20 / month
    • Piccolo – $25 / month
    • Oboe – $35 / month
    • Clarinet – $20 / month
    • Alto Saxophone – $35 / month
    • Tenor Saxophone – $50 / month
    • Bari Saxophone – $80 / month
    • Trumpet – $20 / month
    • Single French Horn – $35 / month
    • Double French Horn – $80 / month
    • Trombone – $20 / month
    • Baritone – $40 / month
    • Tuba – $50 / month
    • Sousaphone – $80 / month

Optional Damage & Theft Coverage (DTC) is available to purchase.  Although we are constantly expanding our instrument selection, we currently have a limited number of these Thrifty Rentals. Please be sure to call to check on availability or reserve your instrument early to be sure we have what you need.

Rent-to-own rates:

    • Flute – $30 / month
    • Clarinet – $30 / month
    • Oboe * – $80 / month
    • Alto Saxophone – $55 / month
    • Tenor Saxophone – $80 / month
    • Trumpet – $30 / month
    • French horn (single) * – $80 / month
    • Trombone – $30 / month
    • Baritone / Euphonium * – $55 / month
    • Percussion – $30 / month

Optional Damage & Theft Coverage (DTC) is available to purchase.  These instruments may be reserved in advance for pick-up right before your music program begins.

* While we do offer it, we do not recommend renting an oboe, a single French horn, or a baritone on a rent-to-own program.   If that is what you were interested in, please call and ask us why!!



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