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String Repairs

While we only perform repairs on Band Instruments (ie, brass and woodwind instruments), we are very close in location to The String Project and recommend them for all your orchestral string repair, rental, and sale needs. They are literally just a few blocks down the street from us on Northwest Highway!

Guitar Repair Services

There are tons of guitar places in the area, but we are particularly fond of John Slevira at Third Coast Guitar Repair in Palatine. John (aka “Montana”) is an extremely knowledgeable guitar enthusiast and repair technician.

Unusual Repair Services

Are you the proud owner of a truly unique instrument needing repairs? In our years of service we have worked on many unique and custom woodwind and brass instruments, and even some unique pieces that are not even instruments! Many instruments can still be repaired and serviced using standard components. We also have many sources for unique and custom made parts. Please feel free to contact us about evaluating your unique instrument.